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As the world’s climate change continue to cause concern many people have decided to take responsibility on reducing their carbon footprint. However, this commitment to protect the environment doesn’t have to negate enjoying luxury. The Positive Luxury movement has been embraced by global luxury brands including Christian Dior, IWC and Luis Vuitton. As the first provider of luxury experiences ROSENBERG is centered around the concept of environmental responsibility.

Remove more carbon from the air than emit

In order to become more environmentally conscious ROSENBERG has decided to purchase CO2 certificates to offset 1.5 times the amount of carbon every yacht charter emits. This means that for every yacht charter ROSENBERG is not just compensating for their environmental impact but making a positive influence and take responsibility regarding the climate change challenges.

Luxurious and environment-friendly lifestyle

Climate Positive Luxury gives responsible customers a way to remain committed to their principled stance on the environment while enjoying a luxury lifestyle. The overcompensation is what makes this initiative unique. With this initiative ROSENBERG aims to support our planet’s environmental needs so that we are all able to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings for centuries to come.

Those looking for ways to support sustainable practices can show support for ROSENBERG’s initiative to the environment by using the "Climate Positive" badge in their Instagram story and help raise awareness.