Convert Bitcoins into
an exceptional lifestyle

Are you ready for
your Bitcoin Superyacht experience?

One of the main reasons for buying a superyacht for Bitcoin is the opportunity to control every aspect of your luxury lifestyle. Where you go. How long you stay at one place. What time your breakfast is served. Which Champagne you drink.

The possibilities on a luxury yacht are limitless: Entertain friends or host events and parties. Host business onboard. Enjoy extreme fun with the best water toys. With Rosenberg You can settle the entire yacht purchase as well as the yearly expenses with Bitcoin.

Are you ready to convert Bitcoin into a unparalleled lifestyle?


Purchase a stunning luxury yacht with Bitcoin

Kismet for sale

Length: 95m // Cabins: 7 // from 8964.40 BTC

Solo for Sale

Length: 72m // Cabins: 6 // Price: 3601.67 BTC

11.11 for Sale

Length: 63m // Cabins: 6 // Price: 3156.11 BTC

Irimari for Sale

Length: 63m // Cabins: 6 // Price: 2917.41 BTC

Sarastar for sale

Length: 60m // Cabins: 6 // Price: 2386.97 BTC

Ocean Paradise for sale

Length: 55m // Cabins: 6 // Price: 1432.18 BTC

Khalilah for Sale

Length: 49m // Cabins: 5 // Price: 1511.75 BTC

Q95 for sale

Length: 45,5m // Cabins: 6 // from 1220.01 BTC

Silver Wind for Sale

Length: 43m // Cabins: 4 // from 769.14 BTC